Ways To Entertain A Child Without Tech

We’re in a tech age, it’s hard to escape it and we’re sometimes not the best role models especially if we are working from home, our children love to imitate us.

There are some great ways that children can learn from tech as the digital age is moving more towards targeting parents with apps from mobile or tablet devices and there is a place for these if you can establish a routine of when tech time is allowed. I have written and reviewed some of these apps in another post.

It’s also best to practice what you are preaching, put your phone down and interact with the kids. Tech is not the only thing to help distract your child.

OK, so it’s easy to hand them an iPad, phone or tablet however you are setting yourself up for a fall.

Kids Love To Be Like Adults


mum and child in the kitchen cooking

They love to help us cooking – we may hate it but they love it!

It may get quite messy and it’s not ideal to let a child crack eggs if that’s part of the recipe but they are quite able to pour already cracked eggs into a mixing bowl.

They start mixing with enthusiasm but that soon stops so it’s not as if you have a cooking slave.



You may be massively lucky and have a child on the OCD spectrum who loves to help maintain a tidy house but if not you can always entice with help by buying a mini cleaning kit. The fact that they are doing it along side you is often enough to entertain a child without them getting bored.

A great way to get the kids involved if you are really struggling and you need to clean the house is play some funky music and dance occasionally while you are doing it.

Possibly an idea to close the curtains or blinds if you had public traffic walking past so your shaking your arse dance whilst hoovering isn’t shown on YouTube and you have to enter a ‘I’m going to sue you route for publishing something without my consent’.


Now this is a tough one, if you are a SAHM and your working from home you’ll no doubt be using social media – there however will be a lot of planning and brainstorming that you need to do and this is a great time for the kids to see you write.

When was the last time that they saw you write anything?

Probably a long time ago as everything is done on your tech devices, yes?

It wasn’t long before I realised I’m not practising what I preach – I’m asking my children to read yet they never see me do it!

I’m asking them to learn to write yet I’m not seen to do it!

So I started to read and read properly all the books were ready to get straight on my kindle yet I wasn’t being a great role model!

1. 1
A very relatable author for many women
2. 2
Perfect for any kind of business
3. 3
Lose yourself in a murder mastermind
4. 4
Getting More Done In 12 Weeks Than You Do In a Year
5. 5
Working On The Start Of Your Day For Maximum Results

A bit of a mixture in my reading material but learning how to become better at business as well as some social reading means I have variety.

Great Kids Toys Without Tech

Building With Lego

You probably have plenty of lego already in the house.

In my house it’s literally everywhere, I’ve even found it in the fridge!

You’ve probably stepped on most of it and sworn under your breath as it’s the equivalent to broken glass if not worse.

1. Best Buy Lego
Great Value Lego pack
2. Perfect ‘OCD’ storage
Perfect storage for multi blocks
3. Funky Lego Storage
A great storage idea that kids will love
4. Great Character Storage
Perfect idea to get the kids to tidy up

You can use lego to your advantage if you set challenges which has massively worked for me.

Create a car, plane or train.

Create a house, palace or castle.

Create a community, shopping centre.

Tell them that you will have a judging contest after tea time and most children will lap up the challenge and go off with their master building imagination.

I have fallen into the trap before of buying Lego sets as the kids have been amazed by the pretty graphics on the box and I’ve been shocked at the horrendous price tag, however realistically unless you have a few hours to spare to sit through and basically build it with them then avoid these kits until they are more than capable.

More Creative Ideas.

Lego of course is the master of all toys we start with Duplo blocks but then guaranteed someone if not yourself will buy them Lego. Lego comes with a hefty price tag but there are more items that are just as good at being a creative art.

Don’t forget a basic and pretty free option as you only need some pens is give them a large cardboard box to decorate. Ask the local store if they have any you could have.

Creating Music

If you know how to play an instrument and have one loitering around in the house that you haven’t used mush since having children as let’s face it many of us have previous hobbies we don’t do anymore.

young child and her mum making music

It’s a great activity to allow the kids to help out and they feel like they are helping out plus they are being entertained.

Again kids love it, they thrive on the time that they get with us and the interaction that they are having. If you had a musical hobby you will also love it and trust me with the type of songs a child can create you will have plenty of laughter.

Interactive Games

The Floor Is Lava

A great short time play game which also once the children have been introduced to it you can use as a great distraction tool when a world war has broken out in your living room.

Basically if you’ve not heard about it you literally shout ‘the floor is lava in 5,4,3,2,1’ at that point they need to find a safe zone which is not on the floor.

Kids love this game!

Hide & Seek

All time favourite and you can gain some extra moments to yourself if you can concentrate on another task whilst counting loudly and slowly.


Not a great game to play with pre-school children as there is never a yellow elephant or a lion in their location unless you happen to be in a safari park that has had a paint run go through it.

Interactive games are great if you have time on your hands to spend playing but if you do need some alone time then possible the craft items above are your best bet to have stashed for such moments.

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