The Toy You Should Throw Away

Sadly due to freak accidents an innocent looking plaything has caused such horrific news. A toy we’ve all had in the past and spent hours playing with and hunting about for. We’ve had tantrums in our house as the dog has eaten it or lost behind the sofa yet the tears yesterday were because I threw them in the bin and will not have them in the house again.

You may have seen on the news of recent that a poor Alby Davis was laid to rest last month just before his 4th birthday when he ended up choking to death on a small bouncy ball identical in size to the ones my children play with often and a common item found in kids party bags. Alby died in his pregnant mums arms after she frantically tried everything she could to save him.

Kiran Mir was 7 years old when she also died from choking on a bouncy ball in Birmingham back in 2011.

Luckily Toby Owen from Staffordshire managed to survive after he also had a bouncy ball lodged in his throat very recently. Carrie, Toby’s mother has recently become viral on social media after launching a warning to other mums across the world that such a common item can mean the worst outcome imaginable.


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