The Dark Side To Blogging

Have you seen the posts on groups, adverts that blogging is the new way to make money and oodles of it. It’s exciting isn’t it!

Wait a minute! Is blogging for money a scam or can I blog my way to financial freedom?

I’m going to show you a world where there are thousands of moms trying to make money from a dream they have been sold about blogging being the way to make money.

woman and child at the computer - mommy blogger blogging

Sadly Moms are the biggest targets as we have the most to gain if we make it.

Spending time at home with the kids, blogging for money a couple of hours in our PJ’s and we are set for a life blogging on the beach every school holiday there is.

I’m sorry but I’m going to shatter that blogger illusion right here.

Way too many moms are being suckered into free blogging courses which are followed by an email sequence of what they are missing out on if they don’t take the jump into the paid blogging course version.

So the free course it turns out in most instances is a duplicate of many others (I signed up to so many to find out what the hype was to research this.)

Common Free Course Details

  • They all say the same – join Siteground or Bluehost (they get £££ or $$$ for this referral).
  • Choose your domain name and niche.
  • Write about what your passionate about.
  • Get an amazing theme – some recommend themes by Studio Press, Envato, or Theme Forest – whilst these guys do have some great themes and I do use them for several of my sites – I have not given my affiliate link for the pure reason that I am wanting to show you something about the side of blogging no one talks about.
  • Grab a free trial of an email system (another affiliate link).
  • Start creating that amazing content.

Seems simple doesn’t it?

So you’ve bossed it, you have a blog. It looks pretty and your knocking out content which is only taking about two hours. You tell the world about child A having a tantrum whilst child B sleeps peacefully in a cot you just bought off Amazon and you highly recommend it. Whack in an affiliate link and the money comes rolling in -right?


It’s OK though as the emails that you are getting that are actually written to you directly are giving you other slight hints as to what you are doing wrong, you see that you’re just missing out some essentials and that’s why the money isn’t coming in.

Email Sequences

The email sequences fall under a robotic attempted version of an email marketing strategy, to the naive mom at home desperate to take the kids on holiday, not stressing about the next seasons wardrobe or stressed that the kids aren’t having the life that they desired they end up caving in.

Moms are the worst for FOMO (fear of missing out) coupled with the desire to make the best life for our children – we only want what’s best.

The emails are daily, they are just checking in on you making sure that you are joining engagement groups to boost your traffic.

They really care, they want you to succeed.

Suddenly a shining light is shone, they are giving you the opportunity to really step up the game. A course is there for only $150 which will boost your traffic by 10k in less than 3 months.

The cost is a bit high, you have a look at the beautiful landing page and the pictures of your tutor laid in the sunshine with the laptop and a screen shot of Google Analytics and you want it – you can’t afford it but YOU NEED IT!

You mull it over in your head for a few hours; sleep on it and just when you think you’ll whack it on your credit card as you can repay that back in a short time with the blogging money.

Another email comes in it says – “OK, so you may not have been able to afford the $150 but I want to really help so today I’m giving you the chance to get all my knowledge to get the life you deserve for only $89. Grab it quickly though as this offer will only be available for the next 24 hours”

dark wood background, sunglasses, hundred dollar bill and sale in letters

The email even has a countdown clock on it, you can see it moving, your time is running out. Where the hell is my credit card and off you go.

How exciting, you can almost feel the money in your hand. You are so close to everything you wished for.

Second Blogging Attempt

You take the course, you learn about Pinterest – the secret to traffic. Ask for other new bloggers to swap links, you start with Tailwind. You get Tasty Pin, you have slight worry about the credit card but you saved on the course so you’re doing OK.

At the end of the course there is another amazing opportunity, you can get $30 dollars for every referral you pass on to the course creator.

Well that’s easy money – that’s so much easier than smashing out content so you decide to give that a go too.

Suddenly blogging has taken over, your keyboard is constantly under your fingers, you eat, sleep and dream what you want to write.

The dream fades, your credit card statement comes in and you see all these extra purchases that were going to make you money, you see the people constantly bragging about traffic. Your facebook feed is full of sponsored posts with people showing off their wealth, they are a similar replica to the dream you bought into, the dream you wanted put everything into and failed.

This is the exact reason I’m so pissed at so much bull shit that is out there at the moment taking money off moms that need it! Moms have become the digital MLM/Bitcoin sellers!

A similar statement seen on Buzzfeed which I suggest you read as Kathryn has nailed it towards the end of her article. Obviously it has caused uproar within the mommy bloggers community of recent – the groups that have been created by the course leaders themselves in the two instances that I have seen and as a research lurker in these groups I first had a chuckle but then I suddenly realised how so many people in a complete different and none blogging sense get drawn into a cult.

The Mommy bloggers are out for blood in these small communities – many people didn’t actually read the article properly before they kicked off. Mommy bloggers do have a space in the Blogosphere, when I gave birth the first time 7 years ago, the little bugger didn’t sleep – I found hints and tips but not one product was sold to me. How do they do this without selling and making money on a post?

How do these information and life saving (I was bloody knackered) bloggers make their money. They give value to readers, they aren’t a sales funnel commercial business. They gain respect and sell occasionally but it’s subtle, it isn’t forced and it has proof behind it.

Many new mommy bloggers are pitching a 500 word post if you’re lucky. Dropping affiliate links to blogging related affiliates, Amazon and not thinking about adding value to the audience they want to reach.

It’s not their fault they have been programmed to do this, I rarely saw a mention of the customer in the courses it was all about how number one makes money.

The Facebook groups are full of people not having a clue what they are doing, struggling with tech, reach, coding, SEO, click/buy ratios and sadly frustration and upset that they aren’t getting anywhere.

Many of the people that are ready to throw in the towel are met with another affiliate link of another course that will make them successful.

In business you as a leader should never be number one! The most important person in any business is the customer, but the new breeds of bloggers are about themselves and what they can make. The robotics of automation does not make a customer feel they are special.

There are way too many half truths out there. Yes you can make money blogging, there are many successful people blogging for money and making it but theses are the worse statements I have seen bounded around by the new cliques:

  • You don’t have to be an expert in your area – you just need to know more than the person asking.
    • What this means is the information funnelled through the web is not necessarily correct and not as detailed as it should be.
  • You can have a profitable blog within 30 days.
    • If you put your heart and soul into blogging, not have a life for 30 days then this is possible but likely to be under $100 and from that you have to take off your start up costs.
  • It only takes a couple of hours a day to start a blog and see some return.

A lot of successful bloggers are people making money out of you wanting that dream, they find the mum groups, work at home groups and MLM groups and start to plant the seed. It’s not just mummy bloggers doing this though there are the big earners like wealthy affiliate and I can make you rich websites.

People will buy the course and people will refer the course so they make income, they also make affiliate income from the links they drop you.

They create a facebook audience and sell, sell, sell. They advertise heavily as they always find some naive or curious folk that wants to learn.

Often with the groups that they set up they are asked a thousand questions on set up, traffic, SEO yet the support and answers just aren’t there in many cases.

Before You Start Blogging

My advice before you delve into blogging is work out:

  • How much time do I have?
  • Do I have a lot of content running around in your mind already?
  • Where to find free training on YouTube, some of these are sales based also however a number are focussed on views and subscribers as their money route.
  • Take all the freebies that bloggers offer, but learn to recognise the email sequences and ignore them until you have a basic understanding on
    • Content marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • How people search
    • Create YOUR niche
    • Research the hell out of what is already out there – niche down further if you need to.

As well as the free courses and hundreds of emails I’ve received I also bought the Ultimate Bloggers Toolkit which is a huge collection of bloggers telling wannabe bloggers how to blog. There must be something of value here I thought to myself….the foolproof way to make money!

Now I maybe slightly biased here as I have taken recognised and accredited courses in digital marketing, I understand the consumer journey and can spot a sales funnel a mile off. There was one particular course on here that I wanted to love, the creator an experienced digital strategist comes across as very professional – it took me 25 minutes to complete the course as it was all the same regurgitated vague info that everyone was doing. Again I was disappointed.

Out of all the courses I have done I did find one that was straight to the point, no bull shit, no selling to desperate people actually taught me the correct process without the crap. I even surprised myself, these two guys do not sell their course in Facebook groups.

I am certainly not hating on the idea of teaching people to blog there is a value to be gained from a detailed course specifically for people that want to learn blogging that first starts with an overview of digital marketing.

What I am slating is that some (not all) of these bloggers are targeting people in debt. Their SEO set up and keyword optimisation is driving traffic from organic search for people that are looking for help with debt and how to make money.

Blogging is not a way to get you out of debt!


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