School Mums

I thought I’d done my time of playground hell but shit I’ve been transported right back there many years later into felling anxious and wary of the cliques and their whispers.

I don’t get dressed up to fetch the kids and I’m not in my active wear either.

I smile and say hello to everyone that walks past me but many are in cliques from living in the direct surrounding area and not an insider like me or their children have already been in a preschool setting together.

There’s the typical PTA crew, the yummy mummies, the active mums that are all kitted out in Nike and Reebok and then there’s me. I look normal I so I think I do, according to Chloe I’m a big purple butterfly woman though so maybe that’s how everyone sees me.

I really dislike picking the kids up, I feel vulnerable and lonely in the playground and it sucks, I’m completely out of my comfort zone and find that many of the ladies are rude and unwelcoming. I’ve been to the kids parties and again sat alone whilst the other mums chat together whilst I’ve entertained my other child that wasn’t invited to the party but still had to come with me but wasn’t invited to join in.

So if you are reading this and you are a lonely Mum don’t worry you are not alone it happens to many of us and if you are in a clique just look around, smile and acknowledge people once in a while as how we behave with others is picked up on by our children and my two already have mentioned so many unkind comments made by other children and at 4 and 6 that’s not acceptable.


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