Poor Mummy

Poor Mummy you’re always so stressed, so busy – I love you.

mum  to a new born struggling to hoover up whilst holding the baby

I don’t want to cause you anymore grief – I love you.

I have problems too right now, but I won’t add anymore stress I can see you’re trying your hardest to make sure I have everything I need.

You’ll be angry and cross anyways and it won’t help me. You’ll march into school and make things worse for me.

I’m going to pretend everything is OK, until you’re less busy, my poor mummy.

I’ll be OK, I’ll get through this.

The kids are mean to me at school, I don’t let them see me cry anymore as that makes it worse. I choke internally on the tears and let them release later when your cooking dinner.

young girl upset holding her head in her hands a victim of bullying

I like sleep as nothing can hurt me, I don’t really want to do much as I’m so ugly and worthless.

They follow me around with their mean words, they are on my social media. There is a school WhatsApp and they are so cruel – they liked me last week now everything has changed.

Mummy, I know you don’t like me to be on social channels but there is this boy who really likes me and tells me sweet things.

He makes me smile – it’s OK Mummy as I have him whilst your busy.

You won’t always be so busy, I can’t wait for you to meet him.

I’m going to meet him soon, I am nervous as I think I love him.

You’ll worry so I’ll say I’m just with friends as you wonder why I don’t go out much. I don’t have any right now but I don’t want you to know that as you’ll think there is something wrong with me.

It is so easy for our children to be influenced, it’s also so easy to be wrapped up with daily life that we don’t always see what’s happening. Our children sometimes don’t want to burden us with their pain so they pretend they are OK

Not all children are at risk of a predator, however many children/young adults do suffer in silence.

They don’t want to burden you with their pain, they think they are strong enough to deal with it themselves but it soon becomes very overpowering.

Some children will act out – be seen as naughty or they will choose to hurt themselves in some way or form.

We are complex creatures, as much as we need love as adults, children seek the same they sadly can’t judge at times what’s dangerous.

The internet is full of wonders and mystery yet there are many dangers, know some of the cyber terms that are out there which could happen to you or your child.


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