Making Money On Youtube

I tried this with my kids after reading many articles about incredibly wealthy children being managed by their Mums and Dads to just do kid stuff.

I thought that’s easy so I sat them in front of the Mac and started to record. It didn’t go that well, they found it hilarious to say ‘poop’, ‘bottom’ and fart mainly and didn’t understand the camera interaction element.

It was also not great viewing seeing them go from giggling little people to demonic monsters pushing and hitting each other whilst screaming ‘I HATE YOU’! (This behaviour is common for them, they are so close and love each other dearly however at times they have huge fights).

There are so many people achieving massive success around the YouTube phenomenon – people are becoming influencers and earning more than they ever dreamed on through affiliate marketing channels or promotions.

If you looking at starting in this area then don’t get caught up in the high paid subscription plans promising get rich quick plans, do your research before you jump.

There are some people that are absolutely killing it on YouTube, watch what they do see if you can find a common theme and see if your kids are up for the challenge.

Toy reviews and unboxing are huge and have been for some time. It’s not as easy at it looks though and don’t forget a lot of the internet is ‘smoke and mirrors’.


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