Lonely Children

We work, we clean, we cook we try our hardest to make everything OK for our children, we sometimes miss that we have lonely children.

We don’t have much time to play, we used to when they were babies. We’d find the time to coo over every giggle and have thousands upon thousands of pictures on our phones.

Portrait of pretty baby girl

Where did that time go though? Now we just cannot seem to find the time.

There is one thing after another getting in the way of those moments with our children.

They need us still now more than ever.

You see when they were babies they weren’t exposed to the horrors, we cared and carried them around. There were watchful eyes at play group, nursery so we knew they were safe.

The sleeping baby

I won’t blame social media, the evil has always been there. Social media just means the reach is further.

Sadly as soon as they are in main stream schooling the numbers of children become more vast, there is more competition and there will always be a top child who often sadly says who is in and who is out.

As a child they cannot understand what we as adults know to ignore, as adults we are still subjected to cruel comments or view especially on social media but many of us take it with a pinch of salt as they say.

Our children don’t, we’ve often concealed them from the hate in the world. They have never come across nasty words until now and it hurts. They often conceal the hurt as they feel unworthy and don’t want that feeling to continue at home.

I beg you, take time out once in a while maybe a date night with your children where nothing else matters.

Washing machine

The washing can wait, maybe get take out so the pans and plates don’t annoy you sitting there beckoning flies to come forth.

Turn off the TV read a book together, play games.

Do dress up and transport back in time to those moments when you were also engulfed in the fairy tale of childhood. The awe of the world and not the bills and the stress.

Family in Superhero costumes

Grab the dolls and the cars and create a play, laugh and sing shake your ass to Lion King songs.

These moments are the most important moments to your child, you are a friend as much as a parent. You are the person they can turn to when something is not right.

Why do I write this?

My daughter got called fat, and she held it inside.

I was so wrapped up in work and didn’t take those few hours a night to catch up with them both and find out in depth what they were doing at school. Hearing the dramas of the 7 and 5 year old, the gossip of who cheated by taking notes of spellings in. The new romances and new wives of pre school.

She started to steal food from the kitchen as that was her comfort rather than my arms.

It broke my heart that she couldn’t tell me. She didn’t want to tell me as she felt ugly and horrible and didn’t want me to see that in her.

My children are my world, long gone are my Louis Vuitton, Dior or even Pandora days – my money goes on my children. I used to be so materialistic but it was because I was missing something.

There is nothing in the world to me worth more than a funny joke from my youngest, a cuddle on a night from my children, the whisper of I love you as they fall asleep.

Hearing my daughters tears, the tears that stopped her from talking as they convulsed her body and blocked her airways sickened me.

I have an underactive thyroid which means I struggle to stay a size 14, many people in the world see that as fat – but literally I can sniff lettuce and seemingly still put on weight unless I am really careful. So I understand the whole body figure woes as I would love to wear the latest Megan styles and feel super confident but that ain’t gonna happen anytime ever for me.

I have come to that conclusion the skinniest I have ever been was a 10 from 16-22 years old before diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I don’t need to be skinny to be loved by the greatest people in my life. I don’t need to be thin to be accepted and loved. I’m a Mum and we come in all shapes and sizes!

My daughter is 7, her body will change so much over time and at 7 years old she is crying and upset that she is fat yet she eats the same as her brother and runs around like an olympic sprinter.

How can we expect our children to be pleasant to each other when we can’t do the same ourselves?

For example and I am not getting into my views about this but Brexit – it has torn a country apart.

Many for and against individuals have become aggressively nasty on social media, debating and putting an argument across is one thing but threats, racism remarks and name calling is horrendous.

Freedom of speech is one thing but shouldn’t that also be in line with humanity? Or has humanity left the world already?


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