Is Your Drink Safe?

When we are enjoying ourselves, possibly partying with friends or relaxing after a hard week we don’t often think about what we are drinking and if our drink is safe.

It wasn’t that long ago we shared the careful with your drinks post as spiking a drink can be so quick you really have to careful and with celebrations like NYE you loose your guard. If you missed the video of how quickly your drink can get spiked you can watch it here.

When you’re having a good time it’s not really at the forefront of your mind about the potential hidden dangers of what you can be drinking.

You may have met the loveliest person on the planet in your eyes that night but hell so seems Joe from the Netflix show ‘You’.

Yes I did fall in love with him a little and the essence of what he was trying to be but the murdering of people in slightly taking it too far for the Cinderella theory of true love and having a prince sweep you off your feet.

However would you rather concentrate and have a clear mind or be in hospital or worse, please be aware of the dangers. Not only does a drink take a second to be spiked there is also a lot of counterfeit alcohol out there that can kill you.

Wonky and creased labels are a sure sign, if anything slightly smells different than what you expect don’t drink it!!!

The type of products in fake alcohol can if not kill you can cause major internal damage and leave you with life changing results.

Proper produced and certified alcohol are made with ethanol, however fake alcohol sometimes uses cheaper substitutes which could be:

Cleaning fluids

Nail Polish remover

Screeen wash


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