Is Social Media Killing Us?

Sounds slightly extreme doesn’t it? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube aren’t exactly likely to wield a knife and physically attack you, it’s not like cancer so really how can this be the case?

Man with a gun intent to kill

Sadly there is some truth to this however the blame can’t really be left at the door of any social media network HQ.

Before Social Media

Believe it or not but once there was a time that we only had land lines and they had cords! Yes I know very hard to believe that you were so restricted and to have a private conversation you were rather limited. You used to be able to stick to plans and meet people on time as there was no way of reaching them once you left the house so punctuality was a key factor with no chance of being able to send a couple of emojis and a poor attempt of an excuse as to why.

We had limited exposure to people and the only real knowledge we gained were from newspapers and magazines. Newspapers had more boobs and scandal than actually news in them.

Back To The Present

Getting back to the now you can post pictures everywhere of yourself and sadly what you’re eating for tea in many cases. Bob in Bangkok or Nicky from New Zealand that are complete strangers to you suddenly have the opportunity to come across images via social account sharing.

We love to people watch at times, we’re always curious what other folk are up to, some people are inspired by others whilst some get nasty and wound up by images or expressive content and as they are hidden in their own little world somewhere else and not looking at you dead in the eye they let you know their opinion.

Jealousy, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobism the ‘ism’s’ and ‘ist’s’ lists are forever growing. Now that we are linked through different channels to a whole world of different cultures and beliefs some people suddenly seem to take it on as their responsibility to make a stand against areas that they don’t agree on and rant to the world on social.

Our brains are like sponges and whatever we read, see, hear or feel is absorbed and mentally calculated, depending on the mood of that person at any one moment will effect how that information is filtered.

Once of the most concerning factors about social media is the harmful potential that some people seem to thrive upon. May sound bizarre to some but if you read further here it will become more apparent.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Not true anymore!

I broke my phone, what happened?

I got more things done! I was less distracted! In the 3 days that I was without a phone I got more done than I had done in a week previously.


I didn’t glance at my phone with every beep, buzz or ding. I GOT things done a lot quicker than before. Did I miss Facebook – not really! Have I upset people that I have missed their birthday as I haven’t added a comment in the whole ‘shit look at how popular I am’ mindset.

A Challenge.

Turn your phone off for 4 hours this weekend – read a new book, sift through your wardrobe. Organise your make-up, watch a movie or just sit and think for a while and see what you can achieve without the distraction.

Let me know how you get on.



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