The Importance Of Hide And Seek

So why is hide and seek so important to a child? You might think this sounds a little crazy, right?

Sadly the world has horrors.

Tech companies are making a fortune from the reality that the world can be a horrible place.

There is such beauty in the world and maybe it’ll change but not likely in my lifetime.

I live in a beautiful place, once named one of the best places to live – possibly the reason it has gone down hill so fast as like all places there are families that are struggling everywhere.

The crime rate has shot through the roof, drug gangs have targeted the area. They have recruited young people to score for them, giving them an attitude problem from the offset.

We won’t ever wipe out drugs sadly, many people use them to get through the day in high paid sales jobs, a fix for something that is missing. A high they can’t get from life.

One of the best places to live is becoming just like anywhere else with problems that cannot be hidden in an attempt to preserve the tourist trade that brings in the big bucks for the businesses.

The positioning of it being a great place also brought more organised crime to the area, targeting the rich folk. Cars stolen and armed robbery.

So why the importance of hide and seek?

baby is playing hide-and-seek hiding face
baby is playing hide-and-seek hiding face

This is not going to be a great read, I’m not sorry as you need to think about this no matter what part of cosy little world you may think you live in.

What would you do if a person entered your house to steal from you or worse?

Knife crime
Criminal with knife weapon threatening to stab

You need to secure your children, they need to learn to hide and be silent.

You need to teach your children the difference between the hide and seek game where they giggle and make noise or the super stealth mode of hide and seek where Mummy and Daddy really want to test you by finding them and it being so difficult.

Like a fire drill that they are taught at school where they know it’s semi serious but not so much that you scare the crap out of them as they will hide but cry and give there position up straight away.

You need your phone.

If you have a great hiding place that can fit you all great, take your phone and run.

You may not be able to talk on the phone but you need to attempt to call for help for UK turn your phone onto silent if you have the keyboard tone on and tap 55. If you’re in the US dial 911 press 1 when they answer – if the person on the line asks questions use your key pad to answer 4 means yes and 5 means no.

Blogs are supposed to be cheery right? This post isn’t, this is advice though, always have a plan for the worst case scenario as this shit is real.

Maybe I take it too far at times however I do fear the worst at times as I have been there already.

When I go to the airport, and holy shit I’ve been right next to an abandoned package and the fear that rippled through me as it dawned on me when the armed police came rushing through and my children were an arms length away from me was intense. I assess the area similar to a spy on some espionage mission. I’m no where near a female James Bond, I’m too fat for a start but I always look to where I can secure my kids if I’m not near an exit.

There are some products that can help with early warning alerts to give you that time to either get out another door which if you can take it and run. Your life is worth more than any possession a person can take from you.

Home Security Items

Home Security CameraHome SecurityFrench Door Lock

If you can run faster than a bullet great, you’ll have no problem recouping anything is stolen by enrolling into the Olympics. You do not know what a robber has as a weapon so do not chance it thinking a baseball bat or knife is going to work in a confrontation.

Be scared, escape or hide. Anything you have can be replaced, your lives cannot!

Kids love to be really creative with their hiding when they are tested but again this can cause issues that you may not think of do not let your children ever hide in these places when they are playing for fun.

  • Washing Machine
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Cupboards that contain your electric boards

This may seem obvious to you being the sane Mum reading this post but many deaths of youngsters have happened from pranks or game playing that could have been avoided.

Reality is harsh, in a peaceful neighbourhood I am in a family were held and robbed at gun point a mile away. Before I moved here, the areas I lived were regular and high crime, they walk in your doors and steal your items in broad daylight. Not everyone is bad, but take care to be vigilant even if you think you are safe.


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