Harrogate – What Is It Famous For?

Betty’s probably first and foremost comes to mind when Harrogate is mentioned or possibly the Spa Water found at the Pump Rooms that smells like rotten eggs.

However of recent years it’s hit the news because of different reasons:

Youtuber Archie Hamilton came to Harrogate, well Knaresborough to buy his new car, you can watch the video below to see the mob that ended up down at Redline.
Crowds Gather Down At Redline

Louise Van Der Velde from Harrogate appeared in the Daily Mail with an article which started with a headline saying she’d had affairs with 80 married men. Well that certainly sent the local forum of Harrogate Grumbler into a near meltdown with many voicing their disgust.
Daily Mail Article

My personal opinion on this is …. yes there will be some truth to this but people forget through various emotions that the media corrupt and bend the truth to make a story worth reading.

Chloe Bellerby from Harrogate completed an amazing 10 day walk from Leeds to London to raise money for Mind the charity and in doing so was promoting awareness of mental health. Chloe managed to achieve her target of raising 10k however if you would still like to donate you can do so through this link.
Chloe Bellerby Just Giving

The rest of the news seems to be about the crime rate that seems to have suddenly surged or possibly it’s always been there but due to the various media channels we see everyday now it’s just brought to your attention more. Where in England doesn’t have crime?

What really made me chuckle when doing my research was one individuals view on Harrogate:

‘Harrogate is lovely, it’s where wealthy people go to die’

Possibly due to recent chatter on Harrogate the Urban Dictionary Definition should mention the pot holes throughout the town which could easily swallow up a small child or the need for if you are moving to the area to either electrify your door mat or lock your doors.

People of Harrogate really dislike bad parking and likely very soon there will be court cases of people feeling they are being trolled on the net due to their lack of spacial awareness.

Other mentions on the internet:

In 2010 according to statistics it was the online capital of the UK for watching porn.

In 2014 it was voted the third most romantic place in the world.

In 2015 it was for the third time running was named the best place to live in the UK.

In 2017 it was apparently crowned as the most adulterous town in Yorkshire.

The ladies are more of a Charlotte Tilbury fan then your high street make up brands unless it’s NARS or Bobbi Brown and then of course to keep it all is place the must have Setting Spray.

Harrogate is not all about rich people, strutting about in their designer gear and drinking Porn Star Martinis down at the Fat Badger, it is a place which has a mix of poor, getting by, comfortable and wealthy people – pretty much like every other place in the UK.


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