Dear Mum

Mum I’m stroppy, I hear you whisper under your breath at times but I’m so tired.

I see I drain you and you seem so sad somedays but I don’t know how to express all the unknown inside me so occasionally I just scream.

I have such full on days, it’s so noisy at school there is always something going on and I always try to keep with everyone and not miss anything.
It’s hard to keep up with all my friends and also all the concentrating really hurts my brain. I know it’s not big real school yet and I’m still learning the basics but reading and writing is all new to me and you used to be worn out when you learnt a new job so please remember this.
I don’t want to talk to you about school, I want to relax and unwind and just have some alone time but not without you in the room. I want you to pleased with everything I do, I do really try at school sometimes it takes me a while for certain words to sink in but I am trying.
Please don’t be upset with me that I am not doing as well as other kids.
Please do not judge me on what other kids are doing or how they look. You made me and so I am unique and I want to be myself not be like everyone else.
If I get dressed by myself on a weekend, embrace that I have taken my initiative and tried to help you do one less job. I may not look great in your mind but I’m choosing my own style right now and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
Mum I love you very much and even though at times I am horrible I need you, you keep me safe and I do push the boundaries but I always do love you very much.
I’m sorry I show off when my friends are around I just want to fit in and be liked and have lots of friends at school. It worries me that people don’t like me so I just want them to think I’m cool and sometimes it doesn’t work out that well for either of us.

Please just show me love, make time for me. Play my silly games – in fact I learn quite a lot from when we play together.

I’m sorry you have to repeat yourself but I’m easily distracted and there is so much that is going on all the time.

I love you, always yours.

Your baby forever.



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