Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Please stop falling out with Mummy. she’s tired not moody. 
I give her a hard time all day, she changes me and I shit, she feeds me and I spew. 
The washing is never ending, she sterilises my bottles so I don’t get sick. She panics each time I cry and her cuddles don’t stop me straight away.
I don’t sleep much these days unless I’m out and about in the car or being held and Mummy gets so stressed that the house is not looking at its best.
She’s constantly looking at the potential hazards, keeping the dogs and cats away from me, thinking if I need sun cream or more clothing on. 
I demand so much of her time and attention and when I finally go for my first stint of sleep in the night she just wants to rest and relax but so much didn’t get done today but she’s too warn out as I have been constant. 
Mums not had a straight 8 hours sleep in months now, when I was in her belly she was never comfy and always had many fears and worries on her mind plus I made her pee a lot. You don’t wake when I wake up it’s like you are immune to hearing my cries luckily Mummy is never really fully asleep.
Mummy wants cuddles and help in the home she’s not too keen on the sexy underwear you have bought recently, she doesn’t like her body much at the moment. I see her looking at her reflection and sighing when her eyes cast down to her belly, Mummy is beautiful but she doesn’t feel that way right now so please don’t pressure her, cuddles and telling her how amazing she is will help though. When I’m awake play with me, cuddle me, help change me and help around the house, that’s what Mummy wants and needs right now to make her feel good. 
I love you Daddy.

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