Critical Lesson For Children

Sadly I’m not talking about maths, science, humanity – all of which are hugely important but because of the exposure children have whether we like it or not via Social or just playing at the park this is a core area that is best coming from a parent.

I dislike talking about it but abuse is there – you can’t even though we try to wrap them in cotton wool. We aren’t always there, we can’t physically always be there.

We choose safe places for our children to be but sadly you just don’t know what may happen. Please read on guys as this is happening to children daily and so critical to discuss with our children.

We don’t want to think of it, it’s horrifying when we see daily accounts on the media and yet it is still happening to thousands of young children daily.

It’s a tough subject to bring up with a child like many things are these days. I often listen to the radio in the car and then quickly try to turn over the channel but it’s already too late they automatically even with having the fall outs with each other in the back of the car tune into the bad words. Not the swearing or cursing like they used to with my occasional non vetting of music but the dead, die, killed words

No matter how uncomfortable you are about the situation it is vital that it is addressed and that your children know about their safety.

The best website I have found so far that really help with the hard to discuss matters is Educate2Empower the resources that they have are aimed at helping parents and children learn how to empower and educate children.

Children need to have a safety network around them – a group of people that are trustworthy and that the child feels comfortable with.

Secrets are not a good thing, in our house we don’t have secrets we just have surprises. So Daddys party isn’t a secret it’s a surprise, what they have bought me for my birthday again is a surprise not a secret.

It’s our little secret.

This common phrase sends shudders down my spine as this is such a common abuse phrase.

Head on over to Educate2Empower and look through the resources they have, the books are a sure way of helping your child understand many matters that they should.


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