High Choking Hazards

After an emergency stop on the M62 lay-by near Hull and a few fraught moments of slapping little mans back it reminded me that even though I was in a rush today that giving the kids food in the car when they are still so young is not the safest thing to do. I know this rule but I’m always late when it matters and after a toilet incident, a disobedient dog, and a missing shoe I felt I didn’t have the time to let them finish their sandwiches in the house so I bundled them in the car food in hand. Of course they find things that are funny and wind each other up to fits of laughter and a full mouth of food is a recipe for disaster. Luckily he was OK and got over the incident quickly, I on the other hand am still kicking myself for not being more organised. Massive thanks to the dear sweet lady in the green corsa that turned around to check all was OK, I’d love to find her and thank her for being a good person on hand with tissues.

I wanted to write a quick post to make sure that Mums, Dads and carers know about the foods and household items that are the worst offenders for choking hazards. Sadly there are so many serious incidents and angels because of everyday things and everyone seems to tell you about grapes but not the other less obvious. Please read and share to anyone that has a child under 7 or expecting. You can hit the share button at the bottom of my post. The list include all items I am aware of but there are probably so many more if you would like to add any please comment and I will include to make sure that people know.

Food Items 

Most Mums are told about grapes from health professionals or friends from the off but other every day foods can be just as dangerous:



Hard boiled Sweets



Chewing Gum


Hot Dogs – cut into strips rather than circles


Raw Carrots


Big chunks of meat

Chocolate Mini Eggs

When a child is eating get into a habit early of them sitting at a table, walking or running around eating can make a potential choking hazard out of most items. Laughing while eating is dangerous as silly as it sounds but with a mouth full of food this can cause choking.

Household Items

Latex balloons


Rubber wheels of toy cars


Stones – toddlers will put anything in their mouths!

Beads – a lot of dummy chains are made with beads

Pen lids


Button Batteries – keep all away from children if digested can kill!

Bouncy balls Рthrow them all way! Devastated to hear that Alby Davis passed away after swallowing a bouncy ball days after reading a close call with a UK Mum on Facebook that had a similar but not fatal trauma. 

The NHS guide to what to do is below:

NHS Choking Guide


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