Addicted To Love Island?

The countdown starts to the latest Love Island! I am a huge fan, it consumed many of my conversations for weeks last year.

Woo hoo Love Island is going to be hitting our screens very soon and I am one very excited Love Island fan.

What Does Love Island 2019 Look Like?

So far they are only leaking out snippets of this years Love Island contestants and the actual setting of Love Island 2019.

This is what we know so far about LOVE ISLAND 2019!

I struggle to contain my excitement!

A villa in Majorca – not sure if it’s the same as last years Love Island but comment below if you are in the know as I’m sure many others like me are desperate to know.

Rumours are that it is the same Love Island villa as last year but they may have done away with Casa Amore as the element of surprise is no longer there.

At the end of the day these guys and gals are there to find love but the prize money is likely to always be in the back of their mind.

Who Will Be The 2019 Cast?

Rumours across social media are rife at the moment, my heart dropped a little at seeing the below list as these are people that are already ‘mini famous’.

I am already hoping that Jada does get in, it’s potentially a ploy for the show to encourage diversity and not just having really toned and ‘not an inch of fat on me’ type gals.

Yes, I am a bit chunky I go through moments of real self imagery hate and it would be nice to see someone that doesn’t fit the normal stereotype on the show. I cope with my body imagery by faking it to the world with my Spanx, not the best for him indoors but balls to him we have two kids so he is stuck with me forever in one way or another.

I did love the contestants last year but I was an incy bit jealous of their pre baby figures, yes I could do something about my body to improve it but I can’t drag my arse out of bed to go running in the morning. So I only have myself to blame.

I am also one of those folks with an under active thyroid and so I have an excuse as to why the 6 cream cakes I ate this week are stuck on my arse – well kind of!

Here are who they think are attending:

  • Jada Sezer
  • Oloni
  • Corey Galloway
  • Curtis Pritchard
  • Tommy Fury
  • Kobi-Jean Cole
  • Sav Berry
  • Ted Pullin
  • Soph Piper
  • Lotan Carter
  • Sairah Pinnock
  • Amelia Goodman

Last Years Success Of Love Island

Last year was amazing – I have to hold my hand up here and say that I had to play catch up to the year before so it was my only first live series.

These are my thoughts:

They styled the summer for many of us with gorgeous outfits from Misguided apparently but similar outfits can be found by NastyGal and BooHoo.

I’m pretty sure items similar to these gorgeous pieces will be paraded in front of us, hell we want to look gorgeous too.

My Thoughts On Love Island

Holy shit I need new boobs! Yeh I need to loose some chunk, I blame all that on my underactive thyroid and nothing to do with the secret stash of Malteasers, wine, lager and Vodka that I drink on an evening to relax after the usual crap of normal life and having the most negative man on the planet sleeping beside me.

I just love the different character interactions – Ex on the beach is too dramatic and too heart wrenching to watch.

I have a number of ex’s with a large number of them if I saw them I wouldn’t know how to react, one I would melt as I ruined it all. One I want to run over, another one controlled me till I ran away I haven’t seen him since and pray I never do.

Geordie Shaw is again too dramatic with far too much fall outs, fighting and bitchiness for me to really connect. Yes they look like they have a fan time getting hammered after the hours of prep to look amazing when they go out on the skimmy outfits but now I’m a Mum I see it through role model eyes.

Do I want my daughter getting freaky in a hot tub and falling over drunk, she has a sense of humour and pretty damn funny so I’m sure the public would love her yet so she has the potential to earn money from a similar scene yet where does that lead to?

What skills and what achievements does it bring? Followers and viewers are vanity metrics – one day you’re hot but you could be canned the next.

My favourite Love Island Stars From The Past

  • Dani – such an adorable character, she was so cute and a bit ditsy I just wanted to cuddle her.
  • Samira – loved her, so wanted her to find someone but sadly no one the show became her knight in shining armour.
  • Cam and Jamie, these guys are my all time favourite – after a rough start Cam finally found love and they are still going strong.

There have been a few members that I really haven’t liked very much but I won’t share that on social as how can we save our planet from the toxins and waste if we can’t be nice to one another. I will always voice my opinion of love and positive views but I will not voice my opinions on anything that would cause trolls or negative comments as there is too much hate and anger in the world already.

Why Do I love Love Island

I would love to be the one girl swept of my feet the ultimate holiday romance. The glitzy glamour of gorgeous clothes, the beautiful setting, friendship in the sun away from the wakeup, fight with kids, rush to work, work, fight with kids, sleep and repeat syndrome.

Do I hate my life? No!

I have two amazing children and even though there seems to be a multitude of Moms on the net that have the perfect life and perfect well behaved children a massive percentage is just smoke and mirrors.

I am sure they argue about bedtimes, washing hair, tech time, rooms not being tidy and kids talking back.

So wrapping up I am excited it is back on – there has been rumours that the cast of Love Island 2019 are the worst cast yet. I will reserve my judgement as I know nothing of these people and surely it doesn’t matter what type of people are on the show. It’s about hitting a spark, falling in love and us the audience voting.


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