Hey I’m Sarah, main blogger to A parents World however there are other bloggers that create the content you read. I do vet all content though to make sure they do not cross the line of what I feel is acceptable media.

I will not tolerate any form of ‘ism. This is place to allow parents to gain positive insights to bringing up the next generation.

Some of the post are my journals as to every day life as a Mum which many Mums will associate with. Parenting is hard work, children are at times taxing and seemingly incontrollable but many issues carry a ‘child trait’.

My role is to make it easier for newbie parents to understand and hopefully look at issues a different way. Being a parent is amazing, a joy that should be treasured.

There are bad times, kids are human beings and we as you likely know already are hard work! How we are brought up and parented cements a foundation of our future development though and as a parent we need to get that as right as we can.

I’m at times controversial, there will be a reason behind it and if we ignore freedom of speech we are all sheep surely?

I may say things that offend, but there will be many that do relate as we can’t all be the same!