6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained While You Work

School holidays are here again; your job to keep the kids entertained – time is going by so quickly it’s frightening.

It’s especially tough on parents that work from home, you still have deals and deadlines to deal with yet the children also want to be entertained constantly.

Here are some tips on occupying and entertaining the children giving you chance to keep up with the necessary tasks.

  • Be honest with and set a time when you will be available to play with them or give them some time. Kids love schedules, if they can tell the time give them an exact time and stick to it. They are more likely to be patient if told.
  • Don’t get angry if you’re interrupted, they are more than likely just bored and they are wanting your attention. Give them 5 minutes of your time and set a task, remind them of the time and that’s it’s only a little longer.
Little girl laying on her mom as she is not being entertained whilst mom is working
  • Plan something they will love and something to really look forward to:
    • Trip to the Cinema
    • Playdate at the park
    • Explore a new place
    • Trip to a Farm
    • Movie and snuggle time
happy children playing on the playground as they are being entertained
  • Look at the list of non tech activities for kids for some inspiration
  • Give them an important mission – it could be something simple like hide 5 items in the house and give them a list of clues to find them all.
little girl drawing with colored pencils on paper whilst mom works
  • Art is a fantastic way for children to become more creative, with so much tech available simple things are often forgotten.

No matter what age we are we always love recognition for something we’ve achieved or created. Kids even more so, they strive to impress and feel like they’ve done something great.

Reward charts are a perfect way to encourage good behaviour and excelling at tasks.

Schools often use reward charts to encourage children to improve on their skills. This does slightly confuse me as the while fuss about sports day and being seen to promote competitiveness was ruled out a while back however a chart in the class about who reads the best isn’t encourage competitiveness?

background image of a laptop and hand typing with text overlay

Of course a ‘who reads best chart’ is more important than a sports day competition but it still baffles me as this is also producing a competitive action yet sports day is frowned upon.

Competition is in every day life, whether we like it or not

  • Sales leader boards
  • Birthday wishes on Facebook has become a metric people judge
  • Social shares on insta
  • Blog views if your a blogger
  • Pictures of xmas presents stacked under Xmas trees

Even if every statistic was removed tomorrow or every reward chart that has another person on it was gone and didn’t exist another we would still have that competitive nature.

It’s part of being human.

Would you agree?


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